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Greetings! This is a limited access area Xydexx uses for testing out webpages. Please visit the main pages at XYDEXX.COM.

Consolidated Moosilidge

Five Points Loop

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About Xydexx

Xydexx is a long-haired weirdo who can frequently be found exploring abandoned buildings or riding around on his recumbent bicycle. He has been an active and enthusiastic participant in Furry fandom since 1993. He is a firm believer in turning dreams into reality. Although some folks say he is gay for unicorns, he actually worships yaks in his inflatable room. He tends to waste time on the internet looking for weird and unusual things and doing Important Research. Do not taunt happy fun Xydexx.

February 4, 2017

We've restarted the Minceraft server and I've built a road (Pony Road) from the main spawn village out to Pony Point, and one must take a boat south to Pony Island. There was a village on Pony Island, but I buried it so now it's full of monsters. I moved the villagers to a new town above it and fenced it in. I'll post pictures of this eventually.

I've been super busy since the election. Terrible things are happening to this country. I worry at some point in the future people will look back at this time and say "Didn't anyone see what was happening? Why didn't they try to stop it?" But it gives me hope that there are widespread protests, like nothing I've ever seen before.

November 29, 2015

I've updated the color scheme of this webpage to make it less garish.

October 22, 2015

Xydexx Squeakypony, collector and pervy purveyor of weirdness and awesome, has a muse that moos. It's an inflatabull. Get it? GET IT?

Xydexx's Interests

Pronk Power
Unneccessary Smiling
Urban Exploring (UrbEx)
Minecraft Locations
Consolidated Moosilidge

Pronk Power

Pronk power is generated by pronky springboks, who jump around for the sheer joy of living. They are leet springbok ninjas sometimes.

Xydexx Squeakypony, everyone's favorite inflatable unicorn, believes what we see depends on what we looks for.

Xydexx enjoys making life more awesome by seeking out awesome things and surrounding himself with them. At the end of the day, everyone has to live with the choices they make, so why not make life as awesome as possible?

Xydexx says seek out awesome things!
Xydexx says what we see depends on what we look for, so seek out awesome things!

Unnecessary Smiling

Back when Xydexx was young and crazy, he got in trouble for "Unnecessary Smiling." That says a lot about what sort of person Xydexx is. Always optimistic and looking for the silver lining, he likes to keep a positive outlook on life, and spends his time seeking out the weird and unusual.

Xydexx got in trouble for Unnecessary Smiling.
Xydexx is so optimistic he once got in trouble for Unnecessary Smiling.

Urban Exploring (UrbEx)

Xydexx is obsessed with exploring abandoned buildings at every opportunity, such as the Boyce-Thompson Institute in Yonkers NY. You can find pictures of the places he's explored on his modern ruins page. He is also currently doing research on abandoned buildings near Troy Hill, PA.

Xydexx explored the abandoned Boyce Thompson Institute.
Xydexx explored the abandoned Boyce Thompson Institute in Yonkers, NY.

Minecraft Locations

In his free time, Xydexx is active on MineCraft and has developed an extensive village called Canajoharie with many villagers. He spends most of his time building and tearing down and rebuilding structures around the village.

Consolidated Moosilidge

Consolidated Moosilidge was developed by internet researcher Lambert Lambert to study the power of mooing on the internet. As a pioneer in the new field of babelfishing and zangelding, Lambert Lambert continues to do Important Research to make improvements to the ochlophone and bagelocity.